Photographers who had a great impact on me.


I have been a working photographer since 1991.

I am a self-taught photographer. I have visited some workshop at Fata Morgana photo school I Copenhagen conducted by, among others, Anders Petersen who has a great impact on my work.

My only appropriate education was a one year education in basic photography at KV:s day school in Sweden.

My first session was a documentary about Romani children living in Sweden. Then I been published in a magazine. On that way it has continued with several documentary work.

I have had several of exhibitions. (Se Exhibition tab)

Since then I have worked for a variety of magazines and newspapers.

I’m also a member of several image agencies around the world.

Längdmanska fonden 20 000 SKR for the project ”Polis” (police)
Crimson 6 000 SKR for the work ”Raus stenkärlsfabrik” (big pottery)
Crimson 2 000 for the project ”Polis” (police)